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  1. Jose

    I’ve been taking Oxycodone for 30 years. Has been very effective, for the most part, in curtailing my chronic lower back and sciatica pain. I have many chronic pain conditions and have been on oxycodone for over a decade. I have noticed the quality of pain relief from all brands in the last few years go down hill.

  2. Steven

    Good medicine for pain relief. But shouldn’t be addicted to it.

  3. William

    I have ordered oxycodone 30 mg from the Onlinepharma247 website. The quality of medicine is really great, the same as before I was purchasing from the medical store.

  4. Mike

    This is the best website for medicine. I had ordered some medicine from the Onlinepharma247 website, it was delivered on time and the quality of the medicine is very good for health and has no side effects.

  5. Paul

    I have ordered it from your website and I really impressed with your service of it. You delivered Oxycodone on time and the packaging of the medicine was also good.

  6. Adam

    I’ve been dealing with a lot of chronic pain. I purchased 30 gm of oxycodone from the Onlinepharma247 website with a doctor’s prescription. The packaging is in good condition, and my medication arrived on time.

  7. Mark

    I have ordered the Oxycodone 30 mg medicine for pain relief from Onlinepharma247. I have received the best quality medicine compared to pharmacy shops.

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